ARCHER 2.12 ‘White Nights”

Archer's search for his father leaves him trapped in Russia, with his rival Barry as his only hope of escape.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "White Nights"
Writer: Adam Reed


"Archer" was back in form last night with another hilarious episode that followed up on the question of Archer's parentage. On a mission over Finland, Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) knocks out Ray Gillette (Adam Reed) and makes a botched jump into enemy territory; where he quickly finds himself in enemy hands. With Ray sidelined and Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler) unable to help, Mallory Archer (Jessica Walter) calls in the one man who can save her son… ODIN Agent Barry Dillon (Dave Willis).

Those of you who have been watching "Archer" from the beginning probably recall that Archer has thrown Barry off of a roof at least twice and slept with his fiancée. The last time Barry showed up, he did get the upper hand on Archer for once by getting him into biding child support payments for the Wee Baby Seamus.

This time out, Barry and Archer are on the same side… more or less. And they are really funny together. Most of the other ISIS agents may get really annoyed with Archer, but they at least seem to like him a little. But the hate between Barry and Archer is comedy gold. They actually stop in the middle of their escape attempt to have a fist fight over what Archer did with Barry's bride-to-be.

Strangely enough, the reason Archer keeps coming out on top seems to be because he's a colossal jerk. When they're dangling over a Russian street, Archer actually lets Barry fall down into a dumpster, severely injuring him and Archer leaves him behind for a gruesome (but not fatal) fate. It's pretty hilarious, but it definitely reminds us that Archer is a huge a**hole.

H. Jon Benjamin actually gives one of his best performances as Archer in this episode as he essentially narrates his way through the final escape sequence. I don't know why he isn't this good on "Bob's Burgers," but I suspect it's the writing.

I was a little disappointed that the identity of Archer's father is still unknown. I think there are three suspects, including Nikolai Jackov, the head of the KGB and Len Trexler, the head of ODIN who Archer practically lobotomized earlier this season. Let's just say that Sterling isn't going to be winning any "son of the year" awards.

The rest of the cast was pretty minimized this week, although there's a great sequence where it becomes clear to Mallory that everyone knows she's been seeing Jackov for decades, including the time she stripped naked in her office and sprayed whipped cream all over her crone-like body.

Try to get that visual out of your head!

These are your top five "Archer" moments of the week:

Archer: ""I swear, I'm just a Finish sky diving enthusiast who… S***, why am I speaking English?! With an American accent!"
Barry: "And he sodomized my fiancée!"

Mallory: "You're still together?"

Barry: "Oh, I'm sorry, EX-fiancée. That's what I meant to say!"

Mallory: "Well, then it wasn't meant to be."

Barry: "(Laughs) I don't even know how to respond to that."

Archer: "Those can not be your only shoes! What am I saying? It's Russia, I bet people come from miles around just to have their picture taken in those."

Archer: "Well… at least I have a father, Barry!"

Barry: "Are you implying my mother gave virgin birth?"

Archer: "No, Barry. I was implying that… Actually, I don't know what I was implying, I just said it."
Archer: "I thought they just wanted my hair so their scientists could unlock the secret of its luxuriant fullness. Touch it, Barry."

Barry: "Uh… no."

Archer: "Go ahead."

Barry: "It's not that thick back here."

Crave Online Rating: 8.5 out of 10.