Old Tube New Tube : The Sketch Impressionists Edition

It's time for Impressionists in this latest Oldtube/Newtube !

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Shows like SNL, MADtv and other sketch comedy shows have made their bread and butter out of current events. They knock it out of the park with impersonators like Frank Caliendo, Darrell Hammond, Rich Little, Jay Mohr and the list goes on.  Side note – Long live Phil Hartman.


Impressions are probably the oldest form of comedy. Imagine long ago as A Neanderthal man emerged from his cave. Ready to go on the morning hunt, ready to lead his tribe against the mighty mammoth. He comes to the ledge of the tallest enclave and looks down upon his people. He pounds his chest and lets out a mighty shriek. Then, behind him a smaller skinner man Neanderthal strides up behind him, takes a mighty stances and lets out a similar shriek. And then all the tribe laughed.


The fist Neanderthal let’s out a sigh and says “screw you guys”.


Old Tube New Tube : The Sketch Impressionists Edition


Old Tube : LisaNova


Lisa Nova and Danny Diamond created the Lisa Nova channel, and basing it on comedy, impressions and boobs made such an impact that little miss Nova ended up on MADtv.



While Nova typically seems to spoof Reality TV and Pop stars, she does occasionally take on political figures.



New Tube: Babies from Heaven aka The Ayers Sisters


Tia and Shannon Ayers sisters and both writers and actors, and share time in front and behind the camera.  Their most viewed video is this impression packed ‘Celebrity Baby Shower’ in which Shannon impersonates Britney Spears, Keira Knightley, Reese Witherspoon, Paris Hilton and other celebrities



My personal favorite is Shannon’s Rachel, I mean Jennifer Anniston.       



The Stats



Channel Views: 20,139,957

Total Upload Views: 168,426,519

Subscribers: 678,723                           


 Babies from Heaven


Channel Views: 20,086

Total Upload Views: 522,139

Subscribers: 451


Bonus Video:


I actually had the pleasure of sharing the small screen with Shannona few years back.


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