Booster Gold ‘Smallville’ Promo

Are you ready for the Greatest Hero you've never heard of?!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

With just three episodes before the series finale of "Smallville," the series is bringing in a new superhero from the DC Universe, Booster Gold!

Sure, Booster's been around for 25 years and he's appeared in the "Justice League Unlimited" and "Brave & The Bold" animated series. But this is Booster's live action debut, under the pen of popular comic book writer, Geoff Johns; who helped launch the current "Booster Gold" comic book series.

In this amusing clip from this Friday's episode of "Smallville," Booster (Eric Martsolf) takes charge through his relentless self promotion and some hilariously over-the-top arrogance.


The episode will also introduce Jaren Brandt Bartlett as Jaime Reyes, a teenager who accidentally becomes the new Blue Beetle thanks to Booster's antics. Sebastian Spence also guest stars as Ted Kord, who was the previous Blue Beetle in the comic.

Aside from the three guest stars, the episode is also said to be very Clark and Lois-centric, and it marks Tom Welling's final episode as a director for the series.

Don't miss "Booster" this Friday on "Smallville!"