PSPgo Officially Dead

Sony finally puts down one of their worst tech ideas, Old Yeller style.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


It seems like yesterday’s rumors about the demise of the Sony PSPgo are true. Sony has confirmed that one of the worst gaming inventions of all time has officially seen the boot, according to AV Watch (via Kotaku). However, Sony doesn't just outright bash their own tech and chalk the PSPgo up to bad design and execution (as they should have), which in turn lead to poor sales. Instead, Sony words the announcement in such a way as to make it seem like they want all their attention focused on the upcoming NGP. That does make sense, but we can’t look past the facts about the PSPgo. That thing was destined to fail.

The handheld was a cumbersome piece of tech with a limited library that couldn’t even play the back catalogue of PSP games. That is, unless you opted to repurchase them in the digital download variety. It was a head-scratching concept when it was announced, and then we got one in… Dear god was it a pain to use, quickly becoming one of our premium dust collectors (and we have a few of those).

Sony does mention that the company will continue to sell and support the PSP-3000 however. Sony’s next big handheld thing, the NGP, will see release towards the end of 2011.

RIP PSPgo, you will not be missed.