Carmelo Shines As Knicks Fall To Celtics

Boston holds a 2-0 edge in series.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It hasn't been a pretty first two games for the Boston Celtics this postseason as they haven't had the look of a championship team. They have been pushed and prodded by a feisty New York Knicks squad that has played hard and had the chance to win both of the games played so far. The latest game, a 96-93 win Tuesday night, was almost a loss of epic proportions as a fired up Carmelo Anthony almost had enough in the tank to even the series.


Anthony went off on the Celtics for 42 points and 17 rebounds in a performance that will be remembered for quite a while in New York lore. What made this even more memorable is that he did it as the Celtics sole focus defensively after fellow All-Star Amare Stoudemire  left the game early with back spasms.

"I kind of had it going tonight," Anthony said in the interview room.

The Knicks had a chance to tie it up with 4 seconds left in the game but after getting swarmed on the inbounds, Anthony passed the ball to Jarrett Jeffries who instead of putting it up, decided to try another pass. That attempt was stolen by Kevin Garnett, who put the Celtics ahead for good only seconds earlier, and that was all she wrote for game 2, and possibly the series.

"When I caught it my initial route was there, but I felt like KG was coming and closing down," Jeffries said. "I should have went ahead and shot the ball."

Though disappointed in defeat, the Knicks are still confident that they can bring this series around as they travel home looking to get a win. And honestly, why shouldn't they be confident? They have almost eeked out 2 wins against the reigning Eastern Conference champs without their 3 stars being healthy for a full game. If they can get Stoudemire, Anthony and Billups on the court together for a full game, then a win is more than possible.

"The Celtics didn't do anything special," Anthony said. "They won two games on their home court. Now it's our turn to go to our home court and try to do the same thing."

Game 3 of this series will be played Friday night at New York.

Photo Courtesy of:  AP Images