TNT Unleashes A New ‘Falling Skies’ Teaser

An intense five minute clip from the pilot proves that these Earth invading aliens are actually threatening.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Any doubt that Steven Spielberg's involvement with "Falling Skies" meant that the series would pull any punches appears to have been put to rest.

Via our sister site, TNT has released the five minute clip of "Falling Skies" that premiered at WonderCon. In the extended scene from the pilot episode, we get a glimpse of what happened to the Earth as Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood) attempts to help children get over the trauma of living through an alien invasion.

And then we meet Noah Wyle's Tom Mason, as he and his fellow resistance members have a deadly encounter with the aliens while trying scavenge for food in a ruined city.


"Falling Skies" will debut on Sunday, June 19 at 9PM on TNT.