Charlie Sheen Mania is OVER

We can all stop saying "Tiger Blood" now.

Sax Carrby Sax Carr


Hey readerionos! Just wanted to drop by for a second and tell you all that it’s finally over. After months of Charlie Sheen quoting and “winning” jokes, somebody has finally put a bow on the whole experience and we can all go back to our regular lives. It was a good run, but the joke is dead, and so is his credibility as a live touring act. So let’s return to our regularly scheduled conversations about Lady Gaga’s clothes and American Idol, or whatever else it is we say out of our face holes to avoid real interpersonal contact.


Let’s give the guy credit where it’s due. He did manage to change the meaning of the term “winning” for pretty much the rest of time. I feel like we’ll always be avoiding saying that, with sentences like, “there will be losers, and there will be victors”, or something like that. He has also probably done a disservice to tiger preservation world wide… but I have no hard evidence on that. Oh! He also put a lot of people out of work on 2 ½ Men… can’t forget that.


But the point is this: it was fun to talk about for a fat minute, but it’s over now. This video has finished it. So please, show this to friends and then begin a policy of telling people who mention Charlie Sheen to shut up.


See don't you feel better now. Can't you LET IT GO NOW…

PS: This video is by Mike Diva, a youtubelebrity who has quite the gift for effects. Here’s a bonus video with him and former Oldtube/Newtube candidate “Mystery Guitar Man”.



So it’s over. Rejoice! I mean there’s no chance he’ll do something even stranger….. Is there?






F@$#&K !!!