Melinda’s Album “The Accidental Bisexual” is on iTunes now!

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

The sophomore album for LA comedian and funny-lady-type-person Melinda Hill was recently released by Stand Up! Records. “The Accidental Bisexual” remains in the style of her previous work, which has been called “Bubbly, Adorable, Outlandishly Funny”. Melinda has had no problem carving out her own original style, and her purists will notice the same self-affrontery, sarcasm and ice cold witticism that she is known for.

Melinda of course is a frequent sketch player on “Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time”, and is probably best known (or will be) for being the voice of Doctor Princess on “Adventure Time”  which to digress for a second is just great. That show is just great. Hill is also well known for co-founding one of Hollywood’s most long running comedy shows “What’s Up Tigerlilly” which still owns Monday nights in sunny LA. She co-founded it btw with Comedian of Comedy Maria Bamford. She’s also trucked with previously reviewed Natasha Leggero which must have made for quite the comedy hot girl power pack.


(candid photo attached)

Melinda’s comedy is pretty much the definition of what I call “wholesome” comedy. This of course does not mean the topics are all clean and fuzzy. A more confusing term than “wholesome” would be “non-observational” but I don’t use that because it makes her sound like a blind idiot. It is a fitting term however, as Melinda is not talking about “What’s the deal with taco salad” as much as she’s telling stores of her own experience. She’s self-referential to a fault, and it makes for honest stories that really resonate. The best comedy comes from genuine sharing with the audience, and Melinda does not have a problem with that.. Are some of her stories embellished? Perhaps. But the core story is about her life. That’s WHOLESOME comedy.


Here's a CLIP! (of an slightly unrelated television appearance)


But I do have some problems with this album, not that it will matter much to anyone but the deepest fans of her established work. Most of the tracks here are in a “story” format… like reading an essay about the subject, not punchy-jokey style. I’ve seen Melinda tell most of these same stories in a more interactive and I dare say traditional style. I preferred that to what is presented here. Of course what’s on the album is great, but the wit is dulled slightly by the format. To make this less a condemnation I will say that I’ve always felt Melinda Hill was the undisputed queen of misdirection comedy, and this album doesn’t show the full extent of that as her delivery isn’t as fast paced. I sometimes felt like she was reading excerpts from her new (and very funny) book, and less performing. Still if you don’t know what you’re missing you won’t know what you’re missing. I still listen to this in my car and laugh. Maybe I should get over myself.


Lastly the technical side is pretty solid. The show is well recorded, and Melinda is clear and crisp. It feels intimate, like a small venue, and the laughs are genuine and powerful if not quite as well mic’ed for my taste. A second audience mic would have helped me really get into the feel of the room when I close my eyes and just let her take me there.


Best Tracks: the “titular” track (pun intended?) is one of the better offerings here, second to the two “quiz” tracks… which are just adorable.