The Weekly Crave Wrap-Up – 4/22/11

Your look back at the week in film from CraveOnline,, SuperHeroHype and!

Silas Lesnickby Silas Lesnick

Happy Easter! Shock Till You Drop has a special holiday surprise for horror fans! 

Are you ready to sing along with Captain America? Chris Evans has revealed that the star-spangled Avenger's first film will have a catchy tune and offered other details about the July release. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has dropped hints about sequels to both Thor, Captain America and many more Marvel spinoff features.
Speaking of Marvel spinoffs, Isaiah Mustafa, best known for appearing in Old Spice commercials, is making a break for Hollywood and he chatted with Superhero Hype about his dream role: Hero-for-hire Luke Cage.
We're two weeks away from the big screen debut of Thor and has launched an extensive image gallery. Marvel, meanwhile, has debuted a number of product tie-in commercials, including an Acura ad that features Stan Lee and a parody of Volkswagen's Darth Vader Super Bowl spot.
Who's to say that Marvel gets to have all the Thor fun? The Asylum, the low budget studio behind direct-to-video ripoff fare like Snakes on a Train and Transmorphers, has debuted the trailer to their latest, Almighty Thor.
X-Men: First Class is rolling out the promotional materials as well, debuting two brand-new posters, a new trailer, and a new shot of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique., meanwhile, chatted with X-Men: The Last Stand's Taylor Kistch, getting his thoughts on potentially reprising his role as Gambit in future x-films.
Meanwhile, the Distinguished Competition officially revealed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard have joined the cast of The Dark Knight Rises. But are they really playing who the press release says they're playing? Plus, has Tom Hardy been spotted on the set?
Another Batman film is in the works as well. Warner Bros. Animation has unveiled the first look at Batman: Year One, based on the storyline by Frank Miller.
In greener DC pastures, WB has debuted a number of new stills for Green Lantern, a Tomar-Re poster design and a new TV spot., meanwhile, scored an exclusive with Angela Bassett, talking about taking on the role of Amanda Waller.
What do Dylan Dog's Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington (Superman and Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns) think of the casting for Man of Steel? Head over to Superhero Hype to find out.
Watch the trailer to the new body-swapping comedy, The Change-Up, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.
Jeremy Renner is taking the reins from Matt Damon and will headline the next entry in the Bourne franchise.
CraveOnline has an exclusive interview with Street Kings 2: Motor City director Chris Fisher.
Take a look at an interactive trailer for J.J. Abram's Super 8.
Casting for The Hunger Games is non-stop, this week revealing the actors who will playing Thresh and RueMarvel and GlimmerPrimMrs. Everdeen and putting Elizabeth Banks in the likely role of Effie Trinket.
Craig Gillespie is the confirmed director of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Shock Till You Drop has details straight from the main himself.

The Hangover, Part II has released a brand-new poster and four all-new TV spots. has exclusive video interviews with the cast of this week's Water For Elephants.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon has released character banners for both Bumblebee and Shockwave. Plus, check out comments from Linkin Park about the film's soundtrack.
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides has unveiled a new online game, some nifty swag, and a gigantic new banner.
Peter Jackson has confirmed that Ian Holm, the original Bilbo Baggins, will return in some capacity for The Hobbit.
Kate Beckinsale looks likely to star in the rebooted Total Recall.
Watch the red-band trailer for the action-comedy 30 Minutes of Less.
Let Me In director Matt Reeves is set to return to vampires with The Passage.
Read's exclusive interview Incendies' Denis Villeneuve.
Could a lawsuit prevent development of The Crow reboot? Superhero Hype has the details.
Check out the exclusive trailer debut for The Elephant White.
Watch an exclusive clip from Treatment, debuting at the Tribeca Film Festival.
Shock Till You Drop has two major set visit reports. The first is from the upcoming Dylan Dog and the second is from Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem. Plus, check out Zombie's bizarre next project.
CraveOnline chats with Priest director Scott Stewart and star Paul Bettany.
Leatherface 3D has come back to life and new writers have been brought aboard the sequel.
Shock Till You Drop spoke exclusively with the director of this week's Stake Land and with the cast as well.
Take a look at an interactive trailer for J.J. Abram's Super 8.