Russell Crowe Aims to Direct the Cop Drama ’77’

The Oscar-winning star is looking to direct a story from L.A. Confidential writer James Ellroy.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Russell Crowe once said that 'What we do in life echoes in eternity.' And now, what he does in life may include directing a feature film. The Virtuosity star – Remember that? He was so good in that… thin, too! – had previously considered directing the surfing drama Bra Boys and the Australian World War II drama The Long Green Shore. Now he's romping and stomping his way towards directing 77, a cop drama based on a story by James Ellroy. Ellroy also wrote the novel L.A. Confidential, the film adaptation of which launched Crowe into superstardom. So this may be kismet, or at least a bit of rough magic.

77 tells the story of two police partners, one black and one white (quel drama!), who deal with two major events: the murder of a fellow officer and the real-life shootout between the Symbionese Liberation Army and the LAPD, in which 50,000 rounds of gunfire were exchanged. The Symbionese Liberation Army is perhaps most famous for their kidnapping and brainwashing of newspaper heiress Patty Hearst. Curiously enough, the shootout took place in 1974… Maybe the title 77 is a metaphor or something. Maybe they've got 77 problems and a Hearst ain't one?

Thanks to Deadline for the scoop!

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