Top 5 Tuesday: Reasons Why The Heat WON’T Win It All This Year

OK, so maybe I'm a hater, but these are real reasons.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It's safe to say that the Miami Heat is who the NBA wants to represent the East in the Finals. Sporting a trio of stars that are the top of the league (well, two of them are), the league is all but shoving this team down our collective throats. Unfortunately for Miami, you still need to win the games and make it there and that's not going to happen this year, plain and simple. Here are my five reasons why the Heat won't win it all this year.

No Depth

It's been well documented how bad the Heat roster is outside of the 'big three' but words just can't describe how bad it really is. They are terrible, plain and simple. Their bench is practically nonexistent and their other two starters seem to be just there to fill out the required number of players on the court. Stars are meant to uplift and bring out the best in the players they play with. Wade has done that in the past, as had LeBron in Cleveland, but with the two of them together, it appears that they have made their supporting cast worse, not better.

Chris Bosh is a flake

Bosh has to be one of the softest big men to be labeled a star, ever. This guy is just not what the Heat needs. He doesn't like to play big and his aggression meter is so low that Miami's training staff should carry defibrillators for every break just to kickstart him a bit. Sure, with LeBron and Wade attacking the rim as much as they do, the Heat can get away with Bosh's softness against a team like the 76ers, but against the Celtics and their bigs, the 'Big Softie' Bosh is going to be chewed up and spit out.

LeBron is LeBron

LeBron James is one of the most dynamic, explosive players to ever play the game. He is a freak of nature who can do anything he wants on a basketball court…except in the closing minute. With the game on the line, James is the Heats biggest liability because in these closing seconds, he goes from being Tarzan to being Jane. He just doesn't have the 'clutch gene' that defines the greatest and despite his repeated attempts to find it, it just isn't showing. Doesn't stop him from demanding the ball in late game situations though, which will lose the Heat games.

D-Wade has lost his swagger

The saddest part about the current Heat is that with the addition of James, Dwayne Wade has faded to the background. He has gone from being the MAN to being second fiddle on his own team. Though it hasn't leaked through to the media, you know that inwardly Wade is regretting teaming up with James and he may be even regretting staying in Miami. Can you image the juggernaut Chicago would have had if Wade signed there? Wade and Rose, now there is a pair that would strike fear in the hearts of other players.

Lack of confidence across the board

In watching the Heat lose to the 76ers this weekend, one thing was clearly evident, everyone not named Wade or James is scared to shoot the ball. The Heat, or more accurately, the top two players on the Heat, have managed to take some solid players and make them nothing more than court ornaments. Combine that with the non stop close game losses by Miami and you got a team that has absolutely no swagger. Looking into the eyes of the Heat players, you can see the pressure to win building and more importantly, you can see the fear of losing more.

Photo Courtesy of: ASSOCIATED PRESS