Has Armie Hammer Nailed the Lead in ‘The Lone Ranger?’

The Hammer could fall on Disney's next Summer blockbuster franchise.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

When last we heard, the title role in The Lone Ranger – Disney's next attempt to capture the Pirates of the Caribbean summer magic – was being considered by Oscar-nominee Ryan Gosling. Now it appears that someone has hammered Gosling good (weird mental image there): The Social Network's Armie Hammer, who memorably played the Winklevoss twins, is in 'early talks' to take the potential starmaking part. So says Deadine, anyway.

Ordinarily we'd take one look at The Hammer and think that he's completely wrong for the part. He's got the boyish looks and strong jaw, but does he have the charisma needed to operate beyond his handsome features? Well, fortunately we all saw The Social Network and discovered that Hammer's got personality to spare… literally, enough for two people. He seems like the kind of guy who could not just act beside Johnny Depp (playing Tonto) but also hold his own, something that Orlando Bloom never quite mastered.

More importantly, if The Lone Ranger does as well as Disney is (clearly) hoping, we might finally see that resurgence of the movie Western we've been promised since Unforgiven. The Quick and the Dead and 3:10 to Yuma never quite pulled it off, though, and those movies were both kind of badass. Is the Western really dead? Let's hope not. For Hammer's sake.

Crave Online will be back with more Lone Ranger news if we can just get the stains out of our powder blue shirts.