Brett Ratner to Direct ‘Hercules?’

We expect Ratner will probably end up being Herc's greatest trial yet.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

You know who hasn't made a feature film in four years? Brett Ratner, the man who brought us X-Men: The Last Stand even though I'm pretty sure we specifically asked him not to. The X-Men franchise has been frantically trying to shake off the memory of that film since 2006, and despite the fact that it technically made money The Rat hasn't been at the helm of a non-TV project since his inevitable threequel Rush Hour 3 in 2007. Well, he's pursuing a new project now: Hercules, an adaptation of the comic book from Radical Entertainment. Vulture had the story.

A big budget Hercules remake is probably inevitable at some point. He's a timeless character with a spotty cinematic history, most famously the 1960's 'Sword and Sandal' craze (many of his wacky, often homoerotic films from the era have been lampooned on Mystery Science Theater 3000), the campy Kevin Sorbo television series and the mostly forgotten animated Disney film from 1997. The new film would be an adaptation of Hercules: The Thracian Wars, which we haven't read but, according to Wikipedia depicts Herc training the Thracian army to be a pretty darned good army.

But we're just not fans of Brett Ratner, damn it. We've never seen a movie of his that impressed us with any kind of interesting creative vision, and several that depressed us with a complete dearth of quality. We'd love for him to pull out the stops and make a worthwhile, preferably kick-ass piece of entertainment, but we've been burned before. we're just plain disheartened by this news.

Crave Online will return with more Hercules news… if we can just… bend… these… bars!