Whats Happening On The Web This Week: Cheapskate Deals

We’ve rounded up all the best deals on stuff geeks need!

Asterios Kokkinosby Asterios Kokkinos

Money. You don’t have any. The geek lifestyle is filled with expenses (ceramic busts of Optimus Prime don’t buy themselves), so we’ve rounded up some deals and savings to help you go from “pauper” to “pauper, but with somewhat more stuff.” Enjoy!

Portal 2: $29.99 to $39.99

The price of Portal 2 dropped faster than Atlantic Records dropped Kevin Federline! And I’m just as satisfied.

Solvinden: Ikea’s Cheap Solar Powered Lamp

Buy it so you can turn your nose up at people using those “gas guzzling” desk lamps.

5 New Sites for Deep Discounts on Music

Cast off the shackles of the iTunes store’s dollar-per-track insanity!

Playstation Network Offers Free Downloads In “Welcome Back Appreciation Program”

“Hey, sorry we gave away all your credit card numbers, here’s some free stuff, please love us again.”

Travel Around The Moon For Only $150 Million Dollars

A mere $150 million dollars and you’ll be one of the only people ever to shoot the moon, if you don’t count drunks who fire shotguns at the moon. And who does?

There, you’re rich now! What, you’re not? Read this article again! Follow me at @asterios for jokes, see ya’ll next week.