Stay Fit Anywhere… Literally

Co-owner Josh Neumann offers personal training worldwide.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

There are a lot of reasons why staying in shape can be difficult – it involves time, perhaps you travel a lot for work and never stay in one place, or maybe you just don't have the financial means to buy a monthly gym membership, especially with a trainer. However, Vancouver-based StayFitAnywhere breaks through all of those barriers.

We had a chat with co-owner Josh Neumann about how his company works, why they created a new (free!) program based on the big-screen hero "Thor," and how anyone can get physically fit with next to no equipment.

CraveOnline:  Tell us about yourself and how you got into fitness.

Josh Neumann:  All my life I was an athlete. As a kid I played every sport you can imagine, like hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and baseball – if there was something out there to try I tried it. As I got older I got more serious with sports – I went to UBC and earned a degree in human kinetics. Now I'm teaching kids, adults and myself about our bodies and how they should move as well as how far we can go.

CraveOnline:  Why did you start StayFitAnywhere?

Josh Neumann:  After I graduated I started working at a gym and I noticed that people were doing a lot of work and not getting results. They were spending more time chatting or looking at the TVs (or at themselves in the mirror) and they weren't accomplishing much in their time there. I knew there had to be a better way to do it.

I have two partners and we all thought the same thing: you don't need a gym to get fit – you can get fit anywhere as long as you have the space and can move your body. So we offer personal, group and online training. Sometimes clients come in – we have basic equipment and we teach them how to use it, and then they leave with homework. But you can use our system online as well – we chat, find out what you're about and then we create a workout according to what we think you can accomplish. We train clients across Canada and the U.S.

CraveOnline:  What's this new workout program you're offering based on the training regimen of "Thor"?

Josh Neumann:  It's called the "Spring Superhero Workout." I saw some stills of the movie and the main actor, Chris Hemsworth, got pretty big and could move really well in the trailer. Everyone wants to be a superhero or a celebrity, so it seemed like a perfect match.

CraveOnline:  A lot of people think that they need a lot of equipment to exercise at home but this superhero workout uses just one dumbbell?

Josh Neumann:  Yep, just one. The only thing you need is a space [to workout]. The biggest resistance is gravity. We weren't always picking up dumbbells to get into shape – we were running, walking, lunging, pulling, pushing – for centuries this is how people stayed physically fit, so if you have the room to do things like that at home you're good.

And a few pieces of equipment can be a nice addition, like dumbbells, but you don't need a lot.

CraveOnline:  How much does training with StayFitAnywhere cost?

Josh Neumann:  The Spring Superhero Workout is free, and the others are only $8 per training session, which is very inexpensive for personalized training.

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