Fox Releases ‘Fringe’ Third Season Finale Trailer

We look at the new footage and examine what it tells us about the highly anticipated finale.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for anyone who hasn't seen last week's episode of "Fringe."

In the closing moments of "The Last Sam Weiss," Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) reaffirmed his love for
Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and stepped into the Doomsday Machine to save our world… only to find himself over twenty years in the future leading a team Fringe Division agents during some kind of attack in New York City.

And things will only get stranger from there.

Fox has unveiled a new two minute teaser for the third season finale of "Fringe," which offers some tantalizing hints about what's going to happen. You can watch the trailer below and keep reading for some analysis and speculation.


The first and most obvious conclusion is that Peter really is in a future in which he destroyed the alternate universe and allowed our universe to survive. However, there are obviously some survivors from the other side, as seen by the appearance of a vengeful Walternate (John Noble); whose counterpart Dr. Walter Bishop appears to have been institutionalized again in the intervening years. We also catch a few glimpses of the future Astrid (pictured above), future Olivia and the future Broyles, who appears to have an artificial eye.




A few weeks back, we learned that Brad Dourif had signed on to play a mysterious man named Moreau in the finale. From the trailer, we see that Moreau is a leader of the terrorist group, The End of Days which seems bent on destroying our universe perhaps in retaliation for what happened to their own world.

TVLIne has also revealed who Emily Meade will play in the finale: the grown up version of Olivia's niece, Ella who has followed in her aunt's footsteps as a member of the FBI.

The third season finale of "Fringe" airs this Friday, May 06 on Fox.