Behind The Scenes ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Pics!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in costume, and an unexpected plot point revealed!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Just Jared scored quite coup today, premiering a number of on set pictures of The Amazing Spider-Man, Marc Webb's hard reboot of the cinematic Spider-Man franchise. The pictures show both Andrew 'Spider-Man' Garfield and Emma 'Gwen Stacy' Stone on set, gearing up for shooting. We'd hesitate to call it serious news, but apparently Peter Parker does wear glasses in the upcoming film, and sports a decidedly Robert Pattinson-esque 'do for the part. Stone does a stone cold Gwen Stacy herself, it seems. Head over to the site to check out the rest of their on-set pics.

But on top of that ComingSoon has followed up with some reader contributed pictures from the same set, which we now know to be none other than the Oscorp Building. Now that's serious news. It's the first indication that Oscorp – and by extension the Osborn clan – will have a presence in The Amazing Spider-Man. Coming Soon attempted to learn who was playing Norman Osborn, aka 'The Green Goblin,' but was unable to obtain the information. Shooting at the Oscorp Building (really The Norman Foster 'Hearst' Building) involved 'plenty of Oscorp employees (all wearing security badges), a couple police officers (no Dennis [sic] Leary) and a couple of army officers.'

This shpadoinkle just got real folks. Crave Online will be back with more Amazing Spider-Man news as it just gets more and more amazing.