The Big List: Nukem! Gaiman! Madness!

We deem these five links to be worthy of your worthless, worthless time.

Asterios-Kokkinosby Asterios-Kokkinos

The Big List is here to pass judgment on everything we see! These links represent the nadir or apotheosis of the lives of men, real men! I will put their actions in the spotlight and they will be judged, harshly and unfairly!

Eh, or not, whatevs. Here’s the list:


The New York Times Profiles Norm Macdonald

The most prestigious news organization in the world sits down with the most prestigious user of the term "crackwhore."


Duke Nukem Forever: "Shrinkage"

Sometimes I feel like this game is just one giant troll on feminists.


State Legislator Apologizes For Calling Neil Gaiman a "Pencil Necked Weasel"

Finally, a politician has the courage to go after the man who wrote "The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish." Bravo!


Sony's “Make Good” Plan Includes “Batman-Inspired Mask Appearance Item”

Sorry we put your credit card number on an unfirewalled Apache server – this mask that kinda looks like Batman should more than make up for it.


Insomnia, Snoring & Other Sleep Problems With These Expert Tips

Read this article, or end up like this guy. He's not asleep, I just glued his head to the desk because he wouldn't read the article.


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