Activision Preps Call of Duty Announcement

Activision boss says the next game in the series will be announced "in weeks."

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


During an investors call today, Activision boss Bobby Kotick acknowledged what many have speculated is on the horizon: an official announcement for the next Call of Duty game. Lately, UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine has been teasing a title reveal that heavily insinuates Modern Warfare 3. The image, linked here on Push Button, shows a giant green “3” and says “The biggest game in the world returns.” It’s not hard to connect those dots.

Unfortunately, Kotick did not spill any beans during the investors call. However, Kotick did prattle on about the marketing push that the next CoD title will see. In a nutshell: the shiz will be bananas. In fact, you can expect a marketing blitz that overshadows even Black Ops. That’s right, Activision is planning something grander than an Eminem concert at E3. Our best guess: Justin Bieber concert at E3!

“This year’s Call of Duty initiative will create the best… initiatives to date,” said Kotick.

Furthermore, it seems Activision isn’t planning to pump the breaks on the Call of Duty franchise anytime soon, as Kotick mentions in the financial release that the company has “robust investment in forthcoming Call of Duty titles.” Activision is even looking into the possibility of releasing a micro-transaction CoD game in China. This falls in line with the newly-created Beachhead Studios at Activision, which is meant to deliver an “innovative new digital platform and special services for our Call of Duty community."

Hold onto your butts, because there’s a storm acomin'. A storm called a newCall of Duty.