Two Canuck Fans Leave Nashville Feeling Green

The Vancouver Canucks have two new unofficial mascots and they are causing a media frenzy.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

Move over Fin the Whale, the Vancouver Canucks might just have two new, unofficial mascots and though they are much simpler than a six and a half foot whale, the fans have taken much more of a liking to them. 

The two men know as Force and Sully are dressed in two neon green jump suits, one of the teams colors, though they look more like a failed Blue Man Group experiment.  The outfits were made famous by Charlie Day’s character on the FX sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and have become a popular site at North American sporting events.  The two have kept their home fans cheering all season and recently have caused a media frenzy nationally during the NHL playoffs, as fans wait to see what they do next.

The two have spent the whole season heckling their opposition while in the penalty box at Vancouver’s Rogers Center, looking like two green mimes as they do handstands and constantly make all sorts of gestures.  With the Canucks success in the playoffs, the duo has decided to take their act on the road – to Nashville.

The green men are amidst their 15 minutes of fame, thanks in large part to their antics during game four against the Predators, when they climbed their seats and managed to make gestures to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, who were sitting in a luxury box. 

The Predators weren’t laughing after the incident and let the NHL know, complaining about the two men.

The green men posted video of the incident on their Twitter account, which has already reached nearly 13,000 followers and thought about how they could up their ante for game five back on their home soil and they succeeded!

On Saturday, as Predators forward Mike Fisher made his way to the penalty box he was surprised by what he saw.  It was a cardboard cutout of his wife Carrie Underwood as they mocked him and continued with their now famous handstands.  In the end the Canucks wound up losing the game but Fisher got a good laugh out of it and even mentioned after the game.

“I was going to give her a kiss, but I thought it was too serious of a game,” said Fisher afterwards. “If it was a regular-season game, I would have.”

Now Canucks fans wait to see what the duo has up their sleeve for game six, as we all assume they will make the trip back to Nashville to continue their act in the hopes of giving the Canucks enough good joo-joo to make it to the Western Conference Finals.  We can only imagine what sort of stunts they will have prepared for the Detroit Red Wings or San Jose Sharks – their next opponents.


Photo credit – AP