Dead Island Preps Us for E3

"What's in the box!?!?"

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Dead Island E3

I came home from a long day in the office yesterday to find something special sitting on my front stoop. Rather than Sweet Dee and Dennis setting up shop with 40s, dreams of welfare and "Just A Friend" piping from their lungs, I found a box labeled "Joey Davidson – Crave Online…Dead Island."

No, it wasn't the game… which would have been completely nuts. Instead, I opened the box and found a light, wooden chest with the hotel's logo from the locale of Dead Island itself.

Dead Island E3

Dead Island is a zombie game that's been in production for a while now. The project is being helmed by Deep Silver, and the game saw a lot of hype build off of the cinematic trailer that played both forwards and backwards. You probably remember it, a little girl rises up from the ground towards a massive building as she's thrown out of a window in reverse. That alone should catch you up.

Inside the box was a short letter concerning the hotel and a strange key. The key has a keychain with the Dead Island branding on one side, and a unique code on the other. I'm hoping for a shot to win an entire fleet of jet-skis.

Dead Island E3

The text itself from the letter:

Dear Friend,

The Royal Palms Resort is delighted to invite you to our information event at E3.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the tropical paradise that is Banoi. From its leafy hills and verdant tropical forests to its sublime, aquamarine, crystal clear water and endless stretches of pure white beaches, Banoi is a little slice of heaven right here on Earth.

The architects at the Royal Palm Resort drew inspiration from Banoi's very beauty and natural wonder and with this, they formed one of the world's most luxurious and most breathtakingly beautiful recreational hideaways.

Our hotel is designed to exceed all of your expectations. Our five star hotel offers 127 spacious, air conditioned rooms; junior and superior suites – in a pure, delicate style. Of course, we are also very eager to go the extra mile and provide you with many additional possibilities, both surprising and unexcited.

Join us to find out more about life on one of the world's last remaining forgotten paradises. We are looking forward to seeing you and introducing you to a place that will most certainly change you.

And then it's signed with legitimate contact information that I won't repost.

Aside from the few tongue-in-cheek jabs at the plot of the game and the nod to E3, this letter keeps the Banoi resort character prevalent throughout its contents. Hopefully this is the start of something special.

Will have more on Dead Island, including what we see at E3 next month, as it comes up.