Top 5 Tuesday: Things I want to See This Summer in Sports

Here are 5 things I want to see happen!

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

I feel that the one aspect of sports that draws most fans is the unpredictability of it all. In any given year, series, or game, anything can happen… that's the beauty of sports! With that in mind, here are five things I want to happen in the coming months within the sports world and while it's unlikely that they will happen, it's not impossible!


The Pittsburgh Pirates win the NL Central.

Maybe I'm reaching a bit here, it has been since 1992 that the Pirates haven't had a winning season after all, but I thing my Bucs can turn some heads this year. They are currently 2 games out of first with an 18-17 record, their first above .500 record this far into the season in 7 years. Winning is contagious and if this young Pirates team can string some together then who knows how far they can take. Wishful thinking…yep…but hey, you never know!


The NFL gets this CBA crap out of the way by July.

I think I can speak for the majority of football fans when I say that this is getting really, really old. The owners and players need to get their collective heads out of their asses and get this deal in place. I've heard 'experts' say that the average fan doesn't care about the offseason but honestly, that's bullcrap. With the internet and fantasy football, people are more in tune with their teams and players than ever before and they are getting majorly frustrated by all this posturing on both sides. Get it done, fellas, and get it done soon!


The Cavaliers end up with the top 2 picks in the NBA draft.

I have to say that the NBA has the most interesting way of handling it's draft order. The ping pong lottery style adds that added element of intrigue and excitement to the process that you don't find in other sports. That being said, I am wishing for the unlikely in saying that I want my Cavaliers, who are holding 2 lottery picks this year, to get the top two picks in the draft.  With the right draft and offseason, they can be back in the playoffs next year for sure.


The Miami Heat falls short of a championship.

I'm a hater and I freely admit it. I hate the Miami Heat, not only for the whole LeBron James angle, but for the arrogance the whole 'big 3' has shown throughout this whole season. I don't want them winning a championship, ever, but with the Lakers out and the Celtics unable to get the job done, it's looking more and more like its a possibility. I think the Bulls have a good shot at them but they need to get past Atlanta first and that;s not going to be easy.


I draft a championship team in both my fantasy football leagues.

Yep, I'm an avid fantasy football participator, and with the summer almost here, it's about time to start dusting off that part of my brain. Unfortunately, with the lockout and the lack of free agent movements because of it, it's going to be very, very hard to properly do a draft this year. If the NFL doesn't get it's act together soon, the resulting fantasy football chaos will be large enough to overthrow nations.

OK, maybe not, but it won't be pretty!

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