Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders on Smallville

Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders talk about the final season of Smallville.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Smallville - Final Season

Can you believe the end of Smallville is finally here? The CW hosted one last press event to promote Friday night’s tow hour finale. Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders showed a preview of scenes including Lex Luthor’s return and Chloe trying to calm Lois Lane’s cold feet. For the last time, here are the questions I asked the producers about the finale and legacy of Smallville.


CraveOnline: It’s one thing to talk about the final episode for so long. How do you guys feel now that it’s upon you?

Brian Peterson: It’s like a wash of stuff. This was a huge endeavor and had a lot of challenges so there’s a big weight that’s been lifted. To be honest, I think we won’t know until it really airs and it’s done forever, because it’s literally you walk down the hall and all the rooms are empty.

Kelly Souders: It’s strange.

Brian Peterson: It’s very strange but most importantly, I think we’re really proud. Everybody put 110% into the finale, all the actors. People did things they probably wouldn’t have done before. Visual Effects has thrown in some extra stuff. Everybody’s gone above and beyond the call of duty.


CraveOnline: Besides the plot elements you have to hit, what were your favorite smaller moments to include?

Kelly Souders: There’s actually a couple moments in the church. There’s one I’ll just say, I’m not saying what it is, but when Lois is about to walk down the aisle. The aisle, just the whole aisle, I’ll just say I have a couple great favorite moments just on the aisle.

Brian Peterson: And there’s a very good scene with a door that is probably one of everybody’s favorite scenes in the show. We wanted to kind of show you the scope but we saved a lot of the little interpersonal moments that I think really make the show. There’s one shot that is like the Smallville shot. You’ll see it and you’re like, “This is what we needed in the finale.” And you’ll know it the second you see it.


CraveOnline: With the final moment we know is coming, did you take any extra time to shoot that or make it special?

Kelly Souders: Um, which moment?


CraveOnline: A certain costume with a letter.

Kelly Souders: Well, I think the thing is you’re going to watch and it’s two hours and we had to cut quite a bit out actually. It is jam packed. You don’t sit there and go, “Okay, nothing’s happening. There’s no relationships going.” You don’t feel like you’re just waiting for the last two minutes of the two hour hopefully. So I think there was a lot of prep that went in. Like Brian said, it was a really challenging episode. It was challenging when the first script came out and people just kept adding and bringing more to the table. Our crew, our cast, they’re just tireless about wanting to make something the greatest it can be. I would say pretty much every moment in this had a lot of hours behind it. I can’t really say that just one.


CraveOnline: What special extras are you planning for the final DVD set?

Kelly Souders: Oh my gosh, this DVD set is insane. I think is it the biggest one Warner Brothers has ever put out? It is. The whole series.

Brian Peterson: I think it’s the biggest boxed set. We’ve seen it, it’s really cool looking. They’ve gone back and they’ve interviewed people that were on those first seasons with us, like Al and Miles. Some of the stuff is still in negotiations right now. They did two featurettes that are going to go on this season. There’ll be extra features.


CraveOnline: Since you began on the show, were there things you thought you’d never get to do and then ultimately got to do them?

Kelly Souders: Lois and Clark together. That was the big one. That’s probably the biggest out of all of them.

Brian Peterson: The S shield. I didn’t think we’d ever have access to the S shield.

Kelly Souders: And I think some of the characters from the DC world, like Metallo, Darkseid, Zod. All those were in the early seasons not something that we really approached. We weren’t sure if that was ever going to come to fruition but DC has been very excited to have us use the characters and they’ve been great for us to get to play with.