THE EVENT 1.21 ‘The Beginning of the End’

Sean and VIcky join Simon and Blake on the trail of the alien virus while Martinez tries to reclaim the Presidency from Jarvis.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "The Beginning of the End"

Teleplay by: Nick Wauters

Story by: Leyani Diaz & Vanessa Rojas
Director: Jonas Pate
Previously on "The Event":

Sean "Shoot The Bomb" Walker (Jason Ritter) and his quasi-girlfriend/ally Vicky Roberts (Taylor Cole)  tracked alien sleeper agent, Alexandra (Angela Gots) and her partner Roman (Charles Halford) to a local shopping mall where they planned to experiment with the Spanish Flu on the shoppers before Sophia (Laura Innes) and her followers use it to wipe out humanity in preparation for the arrival of their race from their endangered planet. Sean and Vicky killed Roman and let Alexandra get away while they disabled the bomb-like device by shooting it (?!), thereby saving the American consumers and dooming the rest of the world. Is there a message in there somewhere?

Back in Washington, former intelligence director Blake Sterling (Ċ½eljko Ivanek) and alien defector Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale) revived their bromance to save President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) from the poison that was slipped into his sweet-n-low (I swear I didn't make that up) by Vice President Raymond Jarvis (Bill Smitrovich). Now in place as the active President, Jarvis ordered a drone strike against Blake and Simon, but he was too late to prevent them from slipping the cure for Martinez's condition to his wife, Christina Martinez (Lisa Vidal), who safely injected her husband.

Later, Sophia had Sean's actual girlfriend Leila (Sarah Roemer) infected with the Spanish Flu to create a mutated strand to wipe out the world. Once again, I blame Sean Walker for the immanent demise of the human race.

Sophia has a nightmare that brings her face-to-face with the consequences of killing humanity. When she wakes up at the alien safehouse, she asks Dr, Lu (Alexandra Bokyun) if the virus can be made less fatal, in order to spare some of the humans. But Lu responds that the new virus from Leila's body will wipe out 98% of humanity and argues in favor of genocide. At the hospital in Washington, Christina slaps Jarvis and openly accuses him of poisoning Martinez. But she loses interest in him when Martinez begins to emerge from his comatose state. As Simon and Blake debate their next move in a bar, they see news footage of Roman's body from the shopping mall.

Realizing that Roman was one of his people, Simon  tells Blake that the incident at the mall must have been on Sophia's orders. At the same time, Sean and Vicky locate Roman's address and head to his apartment. While there, they run into Simon, who takes Vicky captive, which Sean responds to by holding Blake at gun point. After awkwardly figuring out that they're all on the same side, the four of them search the apartment together. They eventually head to the garbage room and find Robert's receipts because a shredder is the one form of technology that the aliens apparently don't understand.

As the aliens make plans to spread the new super Spanish Flu, Leila begs Dr. Lu not to go through with it, but the good doctor insists that they were on Earth first and that they're taking it back. At the hospital, Christina tells Martinez that Blake and Simon saved his life and that Jarvis was behind the assassination attempt. Back at Roman's apartment, Blake practically offers Sean a job as a spy as he breaks into government satellite records to track Roman's movements to the alien safehouse. Martinez then calls Blake and thanks him for saving his life before resolving to return to the White House immediately.

Before leaving the safehouse, Sophia orders Leila to be killed to end her suffering. But Leila is actually able to break free and knock out Dr. Lu. Sean and his super-pals then break into the safehouse and overpower the skeleton crew still guarding it. There, Sean is finally reunited with Leila, who doesn't even comment on the fact that he brought his (likely to be) next girlfriend, Vicky. Also, Leila is dying. Awkward… Just across the room, SImon tries his best Jack Bauer impersonation to get Dr. Lu to reveal her computer password, which shows several potential locations where the aliens plan to infect humanity.

Elsewhere, Sophia orders one of her minions to open a portal and a massive wormhole opens up above the Earth. Either that or it's a physical manifestation of yesterday's cancellation order that will wipe "The Event" from everyone's mind. Can I go first?


Let me preface the rest of this review by saying that I don't hate "The Event." But sometimes it is really, really bad.

And I hate to pick on poor Sarah Roemer because she gets enough flack from the press. However, there's no getting around the fact that her goodbye moments with Sean were excruciatingly awful. Granted, the scripting of the scene didn't do either Roemer or Jason Ritter any favors, but Roemer doesn't manage to convey a single genuine emotion. Even her "sickness" isn't that convincing.

On the other hand, I thought it was unintentionally hilarious when Blake was so impressed by Sean's hacking skills. If the producers of this show go ahead and make Sean into a government agent (in the potential second season, more on that below), then they might as well just call this series "Chuck 2.0." Sean is already like in the Intersect in that he automatically has whatever skills the plot requires of him.

By the way, am I alone in finding the scenes of Sean holding a gun to be completely ludicrous? He is not a trained fighter or assassin, so why are we being asked to swallow the notion that he knows what he's doing now?

I did find it interesting that the aliens are being set up as the first set of humans from Earth, even in the ham-fisted way it came out. And after dumping Dempsey a couple episodes ago, I was surprised that anyone even remembered the scrolls that he gave Sean right before he shot himself. I know a lot people cried foul when "Lost" left mysteries unexplained last year, but I suspect that "The Event" is also going to leave us hanging with several unanswered questions as well. If next week's finale can give fans some closure, maybe I can overlook some of that. However, I have doubts that anyone working on the show actually knows the answers to any of their mysteries.

I've mentioned before that Sophia and Jarvis are both lackluster villains and they certainly lived up to that billing here. Sophia's problems are that her portrayer doesn't seem to have much emotional range and her character hasn't been consistent. Whereas Jarvis is just hard to take seriously at all. There's something about Bill Smitrovich's performance that invites laughter.

There is an outside chance that "The Event" might escape cancellation through Netflix or another media outlet. And while I don't begrudge people saving their jobs, I do have to wonder why this series would get another chance while more deserving shows like "Stargate Universe" apparently won't.

Is there really a large fandom for "The Event" somewhere out there?

Crave Online Rating: 6 out of 10.