The Book Report – Episode #53

The all-comics, no other-media episode of Crave's comic book podcast gives rise to a crucial question - who's the better guy to read about:  Dr. Strange or The Thing?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Dr. Strange

Welcome back to The Book Report, Crave Online's comic book podcast, with your hosts Iann Robinson and Andy Hunsaker.  This week, we take a break from going off on crazy tangents about comic book movies and TV shows and actually get back to the business of funnybook talk, thanks to the big stack of new books that came out this Wednesday.

On the agenda for the 53rd installment:  loads of Batman talk, Bendis' latest filler issue of the Avengers tying into Fear Itself, Avengers Academy, Spider-Man, Alpha Flight, Heroes for Hire, the Red Hulk, and a whole lot of X-Men discussion as well, just in time for the new movie – wait!  No movie talk!  All comics this week!

Also, we need your help to settle a debate that arose in this podcast.  Tweet us up – @CraveBookReport – and let us know who you think is the more enjoyable character:  The Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange or Aunt Petunia's Favorite Nephew Benjamin J. Grimm aka The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing?  Iann thinks Steve is amazing, while Andy thinks its impossible not to like Benjy if you like comics at all because he says "What a revoltin' development!" about developments that are truly revoltin'.  Drop us a line and let us know your choice and why – or just drop us a line about anything else you'd like.  Don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes as well!


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