No NHL 2K Titles on any Platform this Year

This could be the end of 2K's time as a hockey game publisher...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

No NHL 2K12

2K Sports announced during a financial report conference call that the publisher is taking a full hiatus on their NHL 2K line this year. Last year only saw NHL 2K11 release on the Wii as the publisher decided to skip the HD consoles after the game's poor performance in 2010.

Now, not even the Wii will be seeing and NHL 2K release. As quoted by Game Informer, Take-Two COO Karl Slatoff said that "2K Sports once again does not plan to release a NHL title for consoles this year."

That makes EA Sports' NHL 12 the only hockey game that will see space on retail shelves come September. And it's because of that solidarity that we're a bit depressed by this news. While we love the NHL line from EA, it's always tough when a competing game within the same genre backs out of the race. Competition drives innovation, and without a competing title nipping at their heels, EA may not see any reason to push their NHL brand harder than they already do.

Some features for NHL 12 have already been unveiled. If we're being completely honest, they aren't as impressive as they've been in years past. Could this be a sign that EA is yielding a bit in the absence of competition?

We're hoping that's not the case; thankfully, EA's not given us much reasons to assume it is.