Louisiana Teacher Wins $1 Million For Pitching the Perfect Game

A high school teacher from Louisiana wins 2K Sports’ second annual Perfect Game challenge.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


2K Sports has announced the winner of their second annual $1 Million “Pitch a Perfect Game” Challenge. The winner, Brian Kingrey, is a high school teacher from Louisiana who, coincidentally, pitched a perfect game of baseball using Phillies starter/ MLB 2K11 cover athlete Roy Halladay after four intense weeks of practice leading up to the start of the $1 Million Challenge. Serendipitously, Roy Halladay pitched a real-life perfect game one year ago this coming weekend.

So, what does Brian Kingrey have planned for his $1 Million? Well, the first thing he plans to buy is a new refrigerator. Seriously, that’s what 2K’s press release says. I’m not just making that up. But I like to think that the next thing he’ll be buying is a sex pole for him and his wife. I mean, she was the one that pushed him to buy the game and go for gold, so to speak.

Here’s a video of Brian being invited into the 2K offices to accept his obnoxiously large, funny-money check.