World’s Best Summer Parties

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Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

With the Summer party season kicking into full gear, you'll need this helpful guide to light the way to the biggest fun fests the world has to offer!


Ibiza, Spain 


With a nickname like ‘Party Capital of the World,’ it's mandatory to include Ibiza in any list of the Summer's Best Parties. One of the three main Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, Ibiza has become synonymous with summer hedonism. Legendary for attracting world class DJs and home to some of the world’s most famous clubs, millions of partiers descend on the beach haven each year. The massively popular club scene is now supplemented with a legendary annual live music event, Ibiza Rocks.


Burning Man


The most unique of all Summer parties is a brilliant opportunity to let your freak flag fly with thousands of free spirits doing likewise. The annual Burning Man festival, held in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, is the ultimate end-of-Summer throwdown that features an anything-goes attitude and culminates with the burning of a 40-foot tall wooden effigy known as “The Man”. It's a deeply meaningful event for many, a chance to show true colors for most, and massively awesome party experience for all!


La Tomatina 


No one knows quite how this messy fiesta began, but on the last Wednesday of each August for the past 70 years or so, tens of thousands of people descend on this little town to participate in the world’s largest food fight.  After a morning spent enjoying sangrias in the morning sun in the tiny town of Buñol in the Valencia region of Spain, the masses – largely dressed in all-white – make their way out to the city's central streets. After an odd tradition of removing a large ham from atop a greased flagpole is undertaken, countless slightly overripe tomatoes take flight for the world's largest tomato fight! Millions of pounds of surplus tomatoes are poured into the city streets for the fun-fight throwing spectacle, and the resulting scene is beyond surreal.


Glastonbury Music Festival


This humongous three-day music festival in Pilton, England during the last weekend of each June brings hundreds of thousands of music lovers and over 700 musical acts for a sonic smorgasbord that dwarfs all other music festivals. If you've got a ticket, a tent, sleeping bag and nourishment, you're set to go for the most massive musical experience of your life!




One of the world's hottest party spots springs to life each Summer on Croatia’s southern-coast island in the Adriatic. The utopian destination sports fantastic beaches, the hottest bars in southern Dalmatia, and a crowd that comes in from all over the world each year to celebrate the island's rich party resource. The hottest beach-party scene north of the Mediterranean is accompanied by breathtaking sights of gorgeous coastline, not to mention the genetically gifted sunbathers!




Let your hedonistic wildfire run wild on this famed Greek isle, a veritable heaven for jet-setters, backpackers, and cruise-ship day-trippers alike to party 'till the break of dawn – literally! White sands nudge up against the deep-blue Aegean for a stunning backdrop as revelers swim through beach bars bumping music and scantily-clad beautiful people as far as the eye can see. Two adjoining local beaches, named Paradise and Super Paradise, fittingly, provide the perfect party bumpers for your Mediterranean escape.




Have you ever partied in broad daylight – at midnight? Iceland’s unpretentious capital of Reykjavik is home to a legendarily unique nightlife scene, which kicks into high gear in unprecedented ways in Summer when the fabled Midnight Sun rises – and heralds a season of sunlit nights. The solstice marks the onset of “midnight madness,” with a Viking-inspired festival, natural hot springs to battle the chilly temps, bonfires and live music!