Sega and Gearbox Announce Aliens: Colonial Marines

Trailer included...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gearbox and Sega are teaming up to build and release the next video game entry in the Alien franchise, Aliens: Colonial Marines. This team-based FPS is due out for the PC, PS3 and 360 in the Spring of 2012 and will be put on display next week in LA at E3.

Speaking as a fan of Gearbox, the folks behind Borderlands, it's great to see one of science fiction's greatest properties in their hands. While Sega may not have a stellar track record in the FPS world, Gearbox knows how to make games. Hopefully they'll be able to pull off the atmosphere, pacing, characters and story that make the Alien flicks so wonderful.

This announcement came in the form of a press release, and the release itself was stocked with a few choice quotes from folks behind the project. Here are the two standouts:

“To Gearbox Software and its peers throughout the industry, ALIENS is one of the most influential science fiction properties of all time,” said Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software.  “Aliens: Colonial Marines, designed as an interactive successor to the landmark films from Twentieth Century Fox, is a dream project about which our studio is deeply committed and passionate.”

“Aliens: Colonial Marines will be THE definitive ALIENS gaming experience,” said Gary Knight, Senior Vice President of Marketing at SEGA Europe and SEGA of America. “Gearbox Software are doing a brilliant job translating the thrill and horror that ALIENS stands for into an action-packed shooter experience with co-operative gameplay at its core.”

The companies aren't talking much at all right now about gameplay, mechanics or storyline, so we'll have all of that as it comes. For now, he's the trailer that accompanied the release.