Marvel Ending “Uncanny X-Men” For “Schism”

Is Marvel jumping on the reboot bandwagon?  Wait, they've been renumbering things randomly for a while now.  With Schism, they plan on ending Uncanny X-Men with issue #544.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Uncanny X-Men #544

A couple of Marvel tidbits today in the midst of DC's rush of news: 

With the upcoming X-Men event called Schism, which is supposed to divide the team sharply between Cyclops and Wolverine, and tear the mutant world apart, Marvel announced today they're ending the flagship X-book Uncanny X-Men with issue #544.  Before people cry foul to the heavens and sell their firstborn for revenge, keep in mind this is largely meaningless.  Whenever they publish enough to reach a potential marketing milestone, they'll surely switch back and crow about Uncanny X-Men #600.  It's being done for dramatic effect.  Chill out.


Uncanny X-Men #544


Also of note today, Brian Michael Bendis is finally having Daredevil join the Avengers, even though it's always made complete sense that a guy so dependent on his super-senses wouldn't work well on a team.  But apparently Fear Itself makes strange bedfellows, and in New Avengers #16, The Man Without Fear is called up to fight the God of Fear. 


New Avengers #16