Fable: The Journey Assuredly Not on Rails

Peter Molyneux clears something up for us...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Fable: The Journey

Watching the Microsoft press conference at last week's E3 brought about two separate emotions: excitement and borderline nerd rage. The excitement came from things like the Gears of War 3 demo and the explosions featured from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 play through.

The nerd rage? That came when Microsoft starting tossing heaps upon heaps of Kinect titles at us.

In that pile of Kinect software was a game that left a lot of press members and franchise fans concerned and confused. Fable: The Journey looked like something we never knew we wanted (and still don't): a Fable game set entirely on rails.

This Kinect-controlled adventure was shown as a quick demo/trailer during the press conference. As Peter Molyneux, head of Lionhead Studios and Fable creator, explains it, the team made a terrible mistake in constructing what was to be shown. The game looked like it was on rails during the show, Molyneux says that simply isn't the case.

Good, because the last thing we needed was a scripted set of game mechanics in a franchise that's always prided itself on delivering a certain sense of "do whatever you want" gameplay.

Molyneux and his team flubbed this one up, showed us a bad demo and are now trying to calm down would-be rioters. Relinquish your pitchforks and extinguish your torches, according to our good friend Peter, Fable: The Journey is not on rails.

Celebrations are in order.

OXM has a brief video clip.