Exclusive ‘Burn Notice’ Season 4 Deleted Scene

Michael Westen and Sam Axe go over submarine strategy in this clip from the fourth season.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

The fourth season of "Burn Notice" shook up the series in several different ways.

Of course, Jeffrey Donovan remained in the lead as a burned spy, Michael Westen along with Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne and the legendary Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe. But the fourth season introduced us to Jesse Porter (Coby Bell), a spy unwittingly burned by Michael who vowed his revenge on the man responsible for ruining his life. And along the way, Jesse discovered that Michael was that man and he made plans for his revenge,

Fox Television Studios has sent us a clip from the recently released "Burn Notice Season 4" DVD. The footage in question is a brief scene from the12th episode, "Guilty as Charged" and it takes place in the aftermath of Jesse's revelation as Michael and his crew attempt to save a kidnapped girl. For this particular sequence, Sam Axe offers Michael some advice on handling their new one man submarine on the rescue mission.


Those of you who made it all the way through the fourth season of "Burn Notice" know that the season finale also ended on a surprising twist that saw Michael reinstated to the CIA. And while it isn't clear where the story of Michael's resurrected spy career will take us, we do know that Grant Snow and Lauren Stamile will appear as CIA agents, with Matt Lauria, David Dayan Fisher, Gavin Rossdale and the WWE Superstar known as The Big Show also slatted to appear during the season.

To get caught up on "Burn Notice," pick up the fourth season on DVD, currently in stores! And don't forget to catch the fifth season premiere on Thursday, June 23, only on USA!