Funny Pages – The 80’s Revisited and More!

A quick trip of what’s hitting it hard on some of the interwebs funniest website, this week an odd 80’s trend.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

UCB Comedy  – Marvin Who? (link)

A glimpse behind the full scene from Back to the Future, in which Marvin Barry calls he’s soon to be world famous cousin Chuck.

Cool note about this sketch, it was in fact shot in the exact same place (Hollywood United Methodist Church) where the original Enchantment Under the Sea Dance was filmed.

From The UCB Maude Team Oh, Brother!


Atom Films – Ferris Bueller's Last Day Off (link)

Another group trying to remake the 80’s in to their own comedy gold is the group Sidecar with this Ferris Bueller sketch that takes a look a Ferris Bueller's extremely depressing time as an adult.


Youtube – Two-Person Rope Swing FAIL (link)

People getting hurt, is always a hit on youtube, and Failblog always delivers.  Today’s top mover is this “lucky” capture of one man apparently attempting to snap his friends neck by snapping this rope swing. It’s either that, or the best Atomic Pile driver move ever!

Podpocalypse (link)

Alright Geek Nerds, set your light sabers to stun and get ready to board the S.S. Death Star. Podpocalypse brings us a list of Ten awesome mash ups between Star Wars and History with 10 photoshop winders like this epic take on the famous Jaws movie poster. Beware the Jawas – stay out of the water!


Funny Or Die – The Legacy Music Dance Party (link)

In something of a cross between turning a Tim and Eric sketch in to a Reality Prank Dance show – hosts Brent Weinbach and Rob F. brought in a real crowd to dance to, some really crappy electronic music and be elitists… so Front page of Funny or Die.. yea it is, even with it’s 35% rating.


That’s all, see you next time on the funny pages and remember folks it’s better to be on the front page then it is to actually be funny! I read that somewhere (also I just wrote it somewhere, and read it…)