Matt Nix Reveals ‘Burn Notice’ Season 5 Changes

Michael Westen has a brand new world of trouble in the upcoming season.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

In one week, "Burn Notice" will return to USA for its fifth season after its formerly burned spy, Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) suddenly found himself back working for the CIA. And according to "Burn Notice" creator Matt Nix, Michael's return to the spy world will shake up the series to its foundations.

During an interview with AOL TV, Nix explained that Michael isn't 100% reinstated with his former spy agency, but the weekly storylines will be a mix between Michael's missions for the CIA and the usual "help the helpless" missions that Michael normally does in Miami with Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) and Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell).

"One of the things that emerges early in the season is that the typical intelligence agency job is not necessarily a high-stakes, high-octane thrill ride," noted Nix. "It's not necessarily something Michael is even particularly interested in doing anymore."

"Re-engaging with the spy agencies does not make everything simple for him," continued Nix. "[This situation] creates a whole different set of complications."

"If a [CIA] guy like Michael gets a job, it's 'Go grab this thing, go infiltrate this,' it's not like he is also on the team that gets to find out what the information is," added Nix. "He is the 'getting guy' and Michael hasn't been in that position in a long time — 'Hey, don't ask questions, just do this thing.' That's not a position he particularly enjoys."

AOL TV also premiered a clip from the first episode of Michael on mission for the CIA that suddenly goes south.

Dylan Baker and Grant Show will be recurring guest stars as Michael's new CIA boss and his handler, respectively. Coby Bell's Jesse Porter will also remain on the series, but probably not in the same way he was used last season.

"I realized at a certain point that just for the sake of the longevity of the show, having a slightly larger ensemble would be really helpful," said Nix. "Speaking frankly, looking at last [season], we were in a funny position vis-a-vis Jesse — he was a both a kind of mythology antagonist and then a story ally. It made some of the storytelling very tricky and sometimes, I'll confess, a little murky."

"There was so much time being angry last year, you know, 'Cut to Coby being angry,'" related Nix. "He is a really funny guy and he can do this wide range of things, and not having him [always] be serious and upset this year is really useful. In some episodes, he is very much actively part of the team and in other episodes he is more of a supporting character that may come in and out for a scene."

Nix also indicated Michael's CIA missions would set up the season long story arc. As it was last season, "Burn Notice" will premiere 12 new episodes during the summer and six in the winter to wrap up the season.

Don't miss the return of "Burn Notice" Thursday, June 23 on USA!