The Internet Ruins Surprise ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Cameo!

Thanks, internet!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Look, internet… We all want to know more about The Dark Knight Rises. Not since the second two parts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy has an upcoming film seemed so full of promise, based not just on fanboy enthusiasm but an actual pedigree of excellence. Every single piece of minutia about the film has been treated as 'BIG NEWS' by the internet at large and frankly, it's hard to imagine that the makers of The Dark Knight Rises don't view it as a compliment. But come on, internet. Don't ruin all the surprises!

Last night, Hitfix reported on a surprise cameo in Christopher Nolan's third and apparently final Batman movie. Knowing what we know of the plot of the film it doesn't come as a complete surprise, but given the nature of the cameo, and the fact that it wasn't publicized, and the fact that Warner Bros. refused to comment on it, we can probably guess that it was supposed to be saved for opening day. You can head on over to Hitfix right now to find out more. We don't want to be a part of this. Although the news is already everywhere. We didn't even want to reveal the nature of the story, but since everyone's talking about it we figured that that cat, at least, was already out of the bag. (The original story even warns against revealing the cameo to those who don't want to know, but gives the article a title which gives you enough details to guess without even reading it. Smooth.)

We get it, internet. It's news. But let's not ruin the one sequel we're all actually looking forward to over a year before it comes out, okay? Some of us actually want to see this thing, not hear about the entire plot thirdhand.

That said… It sounds like a really cool cameo.

Crave Online will be back with more Dark Knight Rises news when it's actually responsible to do so.