Vancouver riots “disappoint” and “outrage”

Mayor Gregor Robertson says questions will need to be asked.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Vancouver Riots

Last night Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs in Vancouver didn't end as locals had hoped – not only were the Canucks shut out by the Boston Bruins but the reaction following the loss was a violent one.

For the first time since the 1994 Stanley Cup riots police were forced to use tear gas after angry fans set cars on fire, broke windows, looted stores, and even stabbed people – almost 150 people in all were injured, some quite severely, following the unrest.

“We need to find out what went wrong and how we can prevent it from happening again. In the coming days, tough questions will need to be asked,” Mayor Gregor Robertson said to the Globe & Mail after the riots. He also added that he has "never been as disappointed and outraged."

A press conference will be held this morning by Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu, TSN reported, to discuss rioting and looting that has left cars burned, stores in shambles and windows shattered over a roughly ten-block radius of the city's main shopping district. Meanwhile many stores remain closed and have boarded up their windows, while victims continue to be treated for stab wounds as well as head injuries at St. Paul's Hospital in downtown Vancouver and Vancouver General Hospital.

While the damage was quite extensive, only a small mob of people are being blamed for most of the violence. In fact, many spectators left immediately following the game. One onlooker named Matthew Kurtenbach, who was at the riot, told The Star, “I could see how easily it would be to have that mentality of hey, everyone’s doing it. But really all of us just looked at it and thought it was disgusting."

Photo Credit – AP