The Big List: Become A Hipster

Want to be a hipster? All you have to do is buy stuff!

Asterios Kokkinosby Asterios Kokkinos

Are you tired of your cultural irrelevance? Did you miss out on grunge, new wave, or being a filthy hippie? There’s still time to become a hipster! Hipsterism is based on the idea that you can turn your love of Apple products into some kind of ethos, and like with all bandwagons, there’s plenty of room for poseurs! Just buy these five things and soon, people will be designing Tumblrs to make fun of you.

Subscription to Vice Magazine

Do you want to loudly state opinions on things without all that "thinking?" Then this magazine is for you! 

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

The ultimate hipster iPod would have a copy of this album, and nothing else. Give it a spin, and before you know it, you'll be unemployed!

Sunglasses With Brightly Colored Frames

Hipsters love wearing things that make them look terrible – it's the perfect way to get back at their parents for loving them too much. Slap on a pair of these, at least until being blinded by the sun becomes "underground."

Stuff White People Like

This book'll tell you what white people like, so you can loudly say you don't like that stuff. There: you're finally an individual.

Mumblecore Films

A genre based upon the idea that talent shouldn't get in the way of making a film. Here's a quick primer – you don't have to watch these films, simply reference them! Don't worry – your friends haven't seen them either.

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