7 Questions with Derek Housman

Derek Housman is one third of the team beyond the new web series ‘The Game Room’, Along side with Bernie Su (Compulsions) and Woody Tondorf (Elevator).

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Game Room presents a world from the POV of an interactive, motion capture style gaming system, like the X-Box 360 Kinect. The cast includes some very funny people (including Crave’s own Andre Meadows aka Black Nerd) and some extremely attractive ladies.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gctSVBEG_n0

Housman, has been behind the scenes of both Su and Tondorf’s previous webseries, and you can find his hands in other projects like the Elf Quest Fan Film, This Week in and you might even see him make an appearance on a few episodes of ‘The Guild’


The Questions!


1. What’s your comedy history?

I grew up Jewish in New Jersey, instant comedy right there. I was a pretty shy kid until high school where I fell in love with "The Kids in the Hall", old "SNL" episodes, and the British "Who's Line is it Anyway?" That's what got me to take a drama class, which I eventually broke out of my shell and got everyone to play the games I had been watching on TV. From there it was college, going to standup shows and listening to classic comedy albums. After that I took the Second City intensive classes in New York before making my way to Los Angeles to get a career writing for TV. 

2. How did you find your way from that to doing online content?

I somehow ended up getting a job as an assistant for a new media company, pretty quickly they pushed me into a Marketing Director position. I met a bunch of people there and started to learn more about the industry and network with people. I ended up being an extra on The Guild, which led to working on several other big series. In the end I decided if I wanted to do something now, and not wait for someone to give me permission, I had to fully immerse myself.


3. Where would you being right now if the internet was still a 14.4 modem with suctions cups you put a phone’s handset in?

I'd still be making content, and possibly masturbating less. One of these things is true.


4. Game Room is a web series that takes place from the POV of a gaming system like the Xbox 360 Kinect – What video game best describes you?

Toe Jam and Earl. There are so many levels!

5.There’s a lot of people involved in Game Room can you sum up the key hands running the machine?

Besides the revolving door of amazing cast and crew we have, there's Bernie Su. He's a born producer, sure he's the Streamy Award winning writer behind Compulsions; a dark disturbing web-series; but he's also keenly aware of how web content works. Woody Tondorf is the genesis for the format, having created Elevator at HBO Labs a few years ago and a major writer, having turned in more episode then anyone else. I pretty much handle a big chunk of production and streamlining our shooting schedule so we can afford to keep creating content on a budget. At my previous job, I was as the Director of Operations for ThisWeekIn.com. It's a live video network that employed a 6 person crew and turned out 26 live shows a week, including This Week in YouTube, This Week in Movies, and my personal favorite This Week in Comedy (now Humor Me w/ Ed Crasnick). 

6.     What’s been your personal favorite episode so far?

It's a toss up between Sex Games and Super 8 Mile. Sex Games came out of a weird process. We had just finished casting the show and needed to shoot within the next two weeks, so I put pen to paper and came up with something that worked well enough on the page that I knew if we sat down on set, it would come together. Neither Brendan Bradley (Peter) nor Marisha Ray (Erin) batted an eye when I showed them the script, this being 10 minutes before we shot the episode, but they also gave me some great notes to improve the episode. 

Super 8 Mile is just the best thing on the web, Andre "Black Nerd" Meadows is a comedy genius.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GybFcgWiuz8

7. Who are your online inspirations and why?


Sandeep Parikh is hilarious. Legend of Neil is an amazing show staring Tony Janning. Which is why I stole Tony Janning. He's mine now, you can't have him back Sandeep!

Hannah Hart, also hilarious, but much cuter then Sandeep. Her show My Drunk Kitchen is a huge hit and is an instant classic.

Chris Hardwick, the man, the myth, the Nerdest. I'm a frequent visitor to the events he has at Meltdown comics with 826LA, the non-profit writing mentorship program. Also his Wednesday night comedy nights at Meltdown are a go to destination for comedy lovers.

Check out the Game Room : http://www.watchgameroom.com
Keep Tabs on Derek via Twitter: @derekhousman

Official Site : www.derekhousman.com