New ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ One-Sheet!

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford's destinies are about to manifest... with aliens.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Iron Man director Jon Favreau has a new movie coming out this summer. Perhaps you've heard of it: Cowboys and Aliens. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford are rival cowpokes who team up with the likes of TRON Legacy's Olivia Wilde to fend off an army of angry extra-terrestrials in the oooooooold west. We've got a nifty new one-sheet for you today, which you can view below.



A lot of people are talking about how lens flare has become a cliche lately, with Super 8 being a prime offender. I think it's hit a zenith here, now that they;ve actually photoshopped the lens flare into a poster. What do you think?