Sucker Punch Hiring for ‘Next Big Thing’

The InFamous and Sly Cooper developers are gearing up for their next project. Let the speculation begin!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Sucker Punch just shipped InFamous 2 a little more than two weeks ago, yet they’re already looking to start work on their “next big thing.” The developers behind the InFamous and Sly Cooper series have listed a number of jobs on their website, looking for a new Art Director, Senior Producer, Lead Sound Designer and Senior Game Designer to add into their company’s fuzzy, warm fold.

So what could this mystery project be, exactly? Well, it’s highly unlikely that it has anything to do with InFamous or Sly Cooper. As we reported during E3, the Sly Cooper franchise is in good hands with Sanzaru Games, who are currently working on the franchise’s next installment, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Times. As for InFamous, without going into spoiler territory, the ending of InFamous 2 (good or evil) leads us to believe this franchise is being given some much needed rest and recovery.

Through some investigative measures done by gamerzines, they noticed that the job posting for the Senior Producer position on Gamasutra is listed for the PlayStation 3 platform only. So it seems Sucker Punch is staying PS3 exclusive with their next title, a stance they have held since 2000.

If I’m being honest, I think it’s great that Sucker Punch is once again exploring uncharted territory. They made their name with Sly Cooper, then branched out with more mature content with InFamous, and now it’s back to the drawing board to try something fresh. Sucker Punch isn’t satisfied with just churning out sequels, they are constantly striving to provide a new challenge for themselves. That’s admirable.

No matter what Sucker Punch releases next, if Sly Cooper and InFamous are any indication, their “next big thing” will probably be great.