First Pics from Peter Jackson’s ‘The Hobbit’

Get your first look at Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins in these new stills from Jackson's upcoming movie.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

We've had set videos and behind the scenes shots before, but now we've got our first look at Martin Freeman in character as The Hobbit. Peter Jackson's always been very generous with early peaks at his creative process in the past, and this is no exception. Entertainment Weekly's got the exclusive new pictures on their site. We've teased you with a snippet of Sir Ian McKellan as Gandalf (who we've admittedly seen before) but check out the link to see Martin Freeman in action as Bilbo Baggins himself, in a role originated by Sir Ian Holm.

Not much to comment on here. It looks like The Lord of the Rings to us, which is about all we could ever ask for. If Jackson maintains a consistent level of quality in the Hobbit movies, which we have no reason to suspect he won't, we're in for a treat.

Crave Online will return with more Hobbit news after we get our feet on.