Greg Pak Takes Over “Astonishing X-Men”

What the hell is this?  Seriously, what the hell is this?!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Astonishing X-Men 44

Okay.  Seriously.  What the hell is this?

Well, it's a teaser image for Grek Pak and Mike McKone's upcoming Astonishing X-Men run this November, sure, but why the hell are Cyclops and Storm making out?  Even as a retcon, given the whole mohawk thing?  It's just… come on, it's – here, just look at the full thing.


Astonishing X-Men #44


Come on now.  With the heavy rumors that Cyclops is going to die at the end of X-Men: Schism, is this REALLY going to be another Rogue/Sentry situation, where somebody tries to shoehorn a secret relationship into their past to make them angst more? 

"The current Scott/Emma and Storm/T'Challa relationships are amongst the most passionate in the Marvel Universe. So yes, what the heck is going on?," Pak himself puts forth.  "I'll just say that everything that's happening is utterly inconceivable, but completely real, completely in character, and completely in continuity."

Come again?

"After Xavier, the X-Men's two greatest leaders are Scott and Ororo," he explains. "They've borne responsibilities few others can conceive. And just those experiences alone should provide them [with] reasons to bond. But maybe they've just never had a moment to consider it; each has always seemed to be wrapped up in a wild romance with someone else."

So, uh… what?  Storm did kick Cyclops' ass to earn her spot as leader, remember?  What's really going to happen that makes Storm all adulterous?

"As our story begins," he says, "she's facing a challenge that only Cyclops can help her overcome. And it absolutely tears her apart—but not for the reasons you might think. There's a huge question at the core of this book about what it means to be a hero, and the answers will draw Ororo and Cyclops closer together than they've ever been."

All right, all right, let's calm down here.  It could be a dream sequence, it could be a telepathic whosie-whatzis or what-have-you.  Mr. Pak, we love your Hulk stuff, but if your first shot out of the X-Men gate is to cuckold the Black Panther, heads are gonna roll.  Emma Frost isn't likely to take it well, either.