WAREHOUSE 13 3.05 ‘3…2…1’

Pete and Myka enlist H.G. Wells to help them track down a dangerous artifact that eluded two previous Warehouse teams.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "3…2…1"

Writer: Bob Goodman

Director: Chris Fisher

Previously on "Warehouse 13':

H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray) was freed from the Warehouse after spending over a century as a bronze statue. Although she was initially an adversary to the Warehouse team, she slowly earned the trust of Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and H.G. was eventually reinstated to full Warehouse agent status on Myka's recommendation. However, on a mission to resecure the newly rediscovered Warehouse 2, H.G. betrayed Myka and Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) and she stole an artifact that would have allowed her to destroy the world.

H.G. was motivated by the senseless death of her daughter a century before; which she failed to prevent with her time travel device. As she neared the culmination of her plans, she used an artifact that injured Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek). Myka was eventually able to talk H.G. down and allow herself to be taken into custody by the Warehouse regents. During Myka's subsequent departure from the Warehouse, Mrs. Frederick (CCH Pounder) presented a holographic projection of H.G. to Myka that allowed her to convince Myka to return to the Warehouse.


In 1893, a man in London is met by someone he knows in the early morning. He is then obliterated by an unusual sound. In 1962, a man discovers a downed rocket attached to a horn. When the horn activates, it disintegrates him in the same fashion as the man in London 69 years earlier. In the present, a billboard worker is killed in the exact same way and the strange noise is heard again. While investigating the man's death, Myka is inspired to speak to an expert on this sort of artifact, H.G. Wells! Over Pete's objections, Artie and the Warehouse Regents allow H.G. to consult on the case via a holographic projector. But Pete doesn't hide his disdain for her.

Once again in 1893, we see H.G. at the height of her abilities as she watches her brother revel in the fame her stories have given him. She soon teams up with William Wolcott (Gareth David-Lloyd), a young agent from Warehouse 12. Their colleague Vincent Crowley alerts them to a stolen artifact that has already killed two of his agents, as well as the man at the beginning of the show. Although the method of murder leaves few clues, H.G. identifies the latest victim as an astronomer she was working with. In the present, the team realizes that the artifact is Joshua's horn, the same one that H.G. tried to track down in 1893.

Back in the distant past, H.G. shows William a rocket that she was working on with the astronomer before Crowley reveals himself to be the murderer. H.G. and William manage to defeat Crowley and his men, but using the horn as a power source, the rocket takes off and it is never seen again in their lifetime. Artie verifies H.G.'s account and he confirms that the rocket crashed into a farm in 1962. Jack (Chad Connell) and Rebecca (Alex Paxton-Beesley) — the Warehouse agents of that era — investigate the death of the man who discovered the rocket. They also meet the victim's young son, Daniel; who is convinced that aliens kidnapped his father.

Jack and Rebecca find the horn still connected to the rocket, but it fires at random intervals and it nearly kills them. Rebecca attempts to blast the horn free of the rocket, but the artifact seemingly disappears in the explosion. In the present, Artie sends Pete, Myka and the projection of H.G. to follow up on Jack and Rebecca's investigation. Meanwhile, Pete's behavior towards H.G. grows even more antagonistic. Myka eventually has to shut down H.G.'s projection sphere just to calm Pete down. Pete and Myka then theorize that Daniel must have snuck back to the farm while Jack and Rebecca were there… which means he must have the horn in the present.

And sure enough, the adult Daniel does indeed have the horn and he's using it in his attempt to contact the aliens who he believes kidnapped his father. Although intelligent, he is clearly insane at this point. His previous contact attempts have killed random people and according to Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti), Daniel's next attempt will wipe out an entire stadium during a baseball game. When Pete and Myka track him down, they are forced to use H.G. to approach Daniel and make him understand what he's doing. H.G. apologizes for her part in his father's death and Daniel shuts down his experiment.

As the team puts the artifact where it belongs, Claudia admits that she liked having H.G. back, but Artie tells her not to get used to it. H.G. and Myka share a moment where they acknowledge that they made a great team and H.G. apologizes for her betrayal. Pete even acknowledges that H.G. saved the day, but it doesn't matter. She still has to return to her mysterious prison. And H.G. can only watch in sadness as Myka and Pete reluctantly turn off her projector and put her back in the box, so to speak.


For months, there's been talk about a H.G. Wells spinoff that would take place in the 1890s before she became a Warehouse agent. Which leads me to suspect that this episode was a backdoor pilot for the potential spinoff. The danger inherent in that is to find a way to give the new show an identity beyond a steampunk "Warehouse 13." Although, I would absolutely watch a steampunk "Warehouse 13."

Jaime Murray brought so much life to her scenes in the past sequences that it's easy to see why William was so taken with her. Gareth David-Lloyd was very charming as H.G.'s partner/sidekick and if she really does get her own series then I hope that he ends up joining her there. Even H.G.'s buffoonish brother was amusing to watch and the 1893 scenes turned out to be the most entertaining sequences of the episode.

"3…2…1" also featured a rare triple narrative that was effectively done and it managed to leap around three different time periods without being confusing, I never expected Jack and Rebecca to resurface on this show, but it felt right that all three time periods were ones that the audience had already seen before.

I have to echo Claudia, it was good to have H.G. back on the main Warehouse team. The major disappointment of the second season was that the writers took the obvious direction for H.G.'s story to play out and made her a villain. Bringing her back as a projection is actually a smart way to integrate H.G. back into the show as needed. Although Pete's childish antagonism towards H.G. got tiresome very quickly, it was a good character moment for him when he finally acknowledged what H.G. had done to close the case.

So much of this episode centered on H.G. and Myka making amends that it felt like some of the other characters like Claudia and Artie were cheated out of their own moments of closure with H.G. If H.G. is going to recur this year, then those moments can be pushed to later episodes. But if this was really all we were going to get out of Jamie Murray then it was good enough to give some closure to the fans and the primary characters.

The one really notable flaw in the episode was the villain, Daniel. His motivation was fine, but it was difficult to believe that he didn't realize that his horn experiments were killing people. And we can't endorse horn murder here… unless you're at the DMV.

"Warehouse 13" struck the trifecta with this episode, as the story was good, the cast was great and the three timelines were all entertaining. Ultimately, this was the best episode of the season so far. Here's hoping subsequent episodes can live up to this.

Crave Online Rating: 8.5 out of 10.