Watch: Portal 2 Music Video

This is the saddest sock puppet of all time.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Not too long ago, Valve hosted a music video creation contest for fans of the Portal series. The rules were pretty simple: craft a music video around Portal 2’s main theme “Exile, Vilify” by The National. The winner would walk away with an Eastwood guitar signed by The National and a bag full of Valve-themed swag.

Well, the winner has been chosen, but what’s funny is the grand prize music video has nothing to do with the Portal series at all. However, what it lacks in portals, GLaDOS, test chambers and lemon grenades, it makes up for in mood and atmosphere, perfectly capturing the feeling of The National’s haunting tune. In my humble opinion, it was a deserving video of the grand prize.

Now you can watch it for yourself below. And as an added bonus, I’ve also embedded the video considered to be the 1.0000000001th place winner by Valve. Let us know which one you like better in the comments below.