The Adventures of Crazy Michele Bachmann

That Newsweek cover opened a lot of doors for the presidential candidate. We have the totally real photos to prove it!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Everyone is up-in-arms about Newsweek’s cover of Republican Tea Party presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, because it makes her look a little… unhinged. However, the huge buzz surrounding the photo has increased demand for her campaign tour to stop in a number of new locales. Here are a few photos chronicling the new adventures of Michele Bachmann:


Michele Bachmann Goes Hollywood

“You met Bruce Vilanch? Shut. Up.” –Marcus Bachmann [GAT, Zap2It, OSOY


Michele Bachmann Visits A Japanese Game Show

According to Bachmann, when she wears the helmet, Obama can’t read her thoughts. [P6]


Michele Bachmann Changes Her Ringtone

The invisible motorcycle chase after this photo was taken? Amazing. [Crazy Frog]


Michele Bachmann Meets Her Favorite Band

Bachmann is Bret Mazur’s sugar, babe-ay. [SWI]


Michele Bachmann Haunts A Mansion

Many say she stands a ghost of a chance against Rick Parry. [OD]


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