Ben Stiller Making More Fake Trailers a la ‘Tropic Thunder’

Simple Jack II: The Quickening? Satan's Alley 2: Risk Addiction? Hey... it could happen.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

With Grindhouse in 2007 and Tropic Thunder in 2008, fake movie trailers were briefly all-the-rage in Hollywood. Nothing ever came of Eli Roth's reported interest in a fake trailer feature film (at least, not yet), but Ben Stiller's got the get-up-and-go necessary to get-up-and-make-it-@#$%ing-happen, at least as a web series. Enter The Fake Trailer Project, a new upcoming web series from Stiller's Red Hour Digital, in which "top actors and filmmakers across all genres" (according to Deadline) will participate in the faux-medy madness. Amy Heckerling (Clueless), Reno 9-11's Thomas Lennon & Robert Ben Garant and Stiller's own Tropic Thunder collaborator Justin Theroux have all been confirmed for the series, which is set to premiere late Fall or early winter.


Of course, fake movie trailers weren't invented in the late 2000's. Obviously, sketch comedy shows have been playing with them forever (like Stiller's own Die Hard 12 trailer from The Ben Stiller Show, above), and they go back as least as far as the 1970's with The Kentucky Fried Movie's take on such fake films as Cleopatra Schwartz and That's Armageddon (below, NSFW language).


With the talent they've got involved, it's easy to get excited for The Fake Trailer Project. Will any of them break out enough to turn into the next Hobo with a Shotgun? Time, it seems, will tell.

CRAVE Online will be back with more Fake Trailer Project news after we finish up our pitch for The Fatties Part 4: In Orbit.