Marvel Teasers for FF, Mighty Thor & Victor Von Doom

Another look at Fantastic Four #600 and... a new God of Thunder?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

The Mighty Thor 8

This is Marvel's big teaser week, so here are a couple of new looks at what they've got in store this fall.

First, all the Fantastic Four teasers have been leading up to Fantastic Four #600, which is likely to be the big 50th anniversary issue where they show us exactly how Johnny Storm met his end.  But more intriguing here is the fact that The Mighty Thor #8 aparently introduces Tanarus, the New God of Thunder.  Is Odin going to revoke Mjolnir rights from Thor, or is this a whole new pantheon?

Check 'em out.


Fantastic Four #600


The Mighty Thor #8



Victor Von Doom #1.  Normally, awesome news, but some kind of teenager there in the mask undercuts any awesomeness.  Is there another Krisoff in the house?  If so, that ain't Vic.  Then again, if he's going to Hell, chances are there will be some reliving of stuff from Books of Doom in there, which was Ed Brubaker's amazing retelling of Victor's origins.


Victor Von Doom #1