Trilogy of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes?

The writers of the weekend's #1 film talk about their plans for the potential franchise.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Rise of the Planet of the Apes made over $54 million last weekend. That's not bad for the completely unasked-for prequel to a sci-fi classic whose last outing, Tim Burton's 2001 remake Planet of the Apes, was almost universally maligned. So yes, sequel talk is inevitable. What do screenwriters Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa (The Relic) have planned next? Well, it's Hollywood, so naturally they're talking trilogy.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly (click to read the full interview), Silver had this to say on the subject of a follow-up: "When we started this, we knew that this movie would stand on its own, and we designed it that way. But if it didn’t stand on its own, we pictured a trilogy that would start with this movie."

Silver and Jaffa kept mum as to the actual content of the sequels – which haven't been officially announced as of this posting – but did have an interesting comment when asked about the cameo appearance by "The Icarus," Charlton Heston's ship from the original Planet of the Apes. Quoth Jaffa: "We definitely have ideas about that! What better plant can you put in a script then, “Oh my god, Taylor’s going up again!"

That's hardly a confirmation that Heston's character Colonol George Taylor will return in a future Apes movie, but he's definitely on their minds. As for a new title (since the apes have already arisen), Silver says that they "haven't found the cheesy-but-fun noun to fit the action that we're seeing." Jaffa suggests, "Perhaps revenge."

Revenge of the Planet of the Apes? Makes about as much sense as this last one.

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