Marvel Teaser Friday – Magneto, More Thor, More FF

Marvel ends its week of teasers for November with some more hammer wielding and hope for the Future Foundation, and a little Magneto.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Thor: The Deviants Saga

Marvel's had a big week full of teaser images for stuff coming out this fall, most centered around the FF, be it the Fantastic Four or the Future Foundation.  I had figured that most of it was to celebrate Fantastic Four #600 or the upcoming 50th anniversary issue where they're supposed to show us how the Human Torch actually died (they may be one and the same), but today's teaser for the Future Foundation, claiming "It's Not Over" makes me wonder.  Will they be breaking the team off into two separate titles, bringing back a Fantastic Four book while giving Dragon Man and the kid geniuses the Future Foundation title?  I'm not sure that would fly.

Also of note, Thor: The Deviants Saga.  Now before you go thinking we're going to get Volstagg in a gimp mask or something, keep in mind the Marvel Universe has an entire race of people known as the Deviants, whose home is the nation of Lemuria.  Those Deviants tend to get up to some rabble-rousing from time to time, but apparently the hammer's gonna come down on 'em.

UPDATE:  Also of note is Magneto: Not a Hero.  Guess that'll be all about having him shed the X-Men stigma he's gotten lately.

Check out today's teaser images here.

Thor: The Deviants Saga


FF #12


Magneto: Not a Hero