Remember Amy Poehler as Andy’s Sister On ‘Conan’?

Masturbating Bear gets our maddest props, but Amy Poehler played one of the funniest Conan O’Brien running characters ever.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Before she moved to Pawnee, or was live from New York, Amy Poehler had a giant crush on Conan O'Brien in the late 90s. Well, the character she played on his old “Late Night” show did. Poehler would come on as Stacy, Andy Richter’s little sister, whose crush on Conan was both sweet and absolutely terrifying. If Masturbating Bear and Minty The Candy Cane are in the Conan Characters Hall of Fame, Stacy deserves her own wing…


Stacy Gives Conan Birthday Presents

Watchband made from hair? That’s not… very creepy… at all?


Stacy Pretends To Be Irish For Conan

By the end, she’ll be drunk from her own tears.


Stacy Invites Conan To Thanksgiving

She’d better leave room on her plate for a side helping… of disappointment.


Stacy Ditches The God Squad

For Stacy, living in a world where Conan won’t be her boyfriend, there is no god.


Stacy’s New Boyfriend, Kyle

Is Stacy’s new crush man-enough for her? Or will one member of the Conan crew finally pluck this delicate flower?

Geoffrey Golden is the Editor in Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans! Thanks to Amanda for showing me these!